Embracing Every Child's Gift for Positive Learning

Our Vision

My Place To Be envisions teaching every student to be confident, respectful, knowledgeable, and inquisitive, inspiring them to become self-motivated, lifelong learners.

Understanding and following guidelines of the school provides a more productive environment and encourages the intellectual, social, emotional, physical and ethical development of the children we serve.

My Place To Be is a community of students, teachers, administrators and parents whose interactions with each other are based on mutual respect and awareness of the rights and needs of others. We are a non-tax, non-chartered private school for grades K-12th grade.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a safe place for children to express themselves and to learn in a positive way. This is a place where all children are treated with dignity and respect. Children are allowed to learn self-awareness through many aspects involving nature, arts and sensory integration.  My Place To Be will provide the time, tools and resources needed to enable children to find emotional, social and academic success.   Our goal is to allow children to realize their full potential as they grow into caring adults. 


Our Philosophy

My Place To Be’s, educational philosophy is to look at every child as an individual.  We will evaluate their current academic levels and build upon that foundation and increase achievement at developmentally appropriate rates and levels.  Students and staff will target individualized sensory, social, emotional, and educational goals and develop a personalized plan toward optimum success. My Place To Be believes that achieving academic success is a cooperative venture between students, teachers, support staff and the family.

Overview (My Place To Be)

My Place To Be, Inc. is a non-profit, 08, non-tax, non-charter school through the Ohio Department of Education.  My Place To Be was founded in 2006 by Rod & Christa Milner. Rod & Christa needed an alternative educational venue for their son (Colton) who was diagnosed with High-Functioning Autism at age four and needed to combine education with therapeutic services. My Place To Be provides student-centered learning environment for students utilizing the Jon Peterson Special Needs or Autism Scholarships.  Over the last 17 years, My Place To Be has grown into an exceptional private education option for families in Licking County.

2E Focus:

My Place To Be provides instruction for the twice exceptional child.  The term “twice exceptional” refers to intellectually gifted children who have one or more learning disabilities, for example, Autism, ADHD, and Dyslexia. Research has proven, and is documented on the Ohio Department of Education website, that the twice exceptional student is the most under-identified and underserved population in schools.  A student thinks and processes information differently.  Twice-exceptional children may display strengths in certain areas and weaknesses in others.  Characteristics of the twice-exceptional student can include:

  • Outstanding critical thinking and problem solving
  • Above average sensitivity, causing them to react more intensely to sounds, tastes, smells ,etc.
  • Strong Sense of curiosity Low self-esteem due to perfectionism
  • Poor social skills
  • Strong ability to concentrate deeply in areas of interest.
  • Difficulties with reading and writing due to cognitive processing deficits.
  • Behavioral problems due to underlying stress, boredom and lack of motivation

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