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Support My Place to Be

There are several ways you can help support My Place To Be.



Parents/Guardians are welcome to volunteer at the school. A background check is required before parents/guardians will be allowed to volunteer during school hours or while students are present. Please contact the office to see if there are any available volunteer opportunities.



Participating in My Place To Be Fundraisers is a great way to support the school. Participating could be helping with the fundraising event and/or helping to promote the fundraiser to family and friends.


Financial Contribution

If you would like to make a financial contribution, please submit a secure online donation using the form below. We use ndustry standard SSL encryption and backend processign gateways to ensure complete security.

* Financial contributions and fundraising funds are used to help students in need due to family circumstances or lack of scholarship funds, provide additional educational resources, provide field trip opportunities and more.

We participate in the following SGO Scholarship in Ohio, which may qualify you for a tax credit if you file in the state of Ohio. Click the links below for more information: